Remain in control

Don’t worry, you have complete control when you are in a trance. Hypnotists cannot make you think or do anything you don’t want to do, otherwise Hypnotists would all be multimillionaires, and live like Bond villains in Castles controlling whole populations to do our bidding.

As with your conscious mind, you abide by your own moral codes and it is the same when you are in a trance/relaxed state. You are in control.

First lets dispel the myths. Is it like stage hypnosis? NO. Will I be unconscious? NO. Will I have total control? YES.

You will not be made to dance like a chicken or do anything embarrassing!  Stage or Street Hypnotists are very different to Hypnotherapists.

If you think about Stunt pilots and Airline pilots. They are both trained to fly planes to a high level. But you wouldn’t want a stunt pilot to fly you on holiday- nightmare, and if you went to an airshow, you wouldn’t want to be told there is a plane up in the clouds flying in a simple straight line to Spain- not very entertaining.

Like the pilots, different Hypnotists do different things to get different results.

Really nothing to worry about

You cannot get stuck in a trance. The only thing that could happen is for you to fall asleep due to pure relaxation! There are many times when a patient is snoring so loud, you wonder if they can actually hear you, but at the end of the session you ask them to open their eyes, and they become wide awake in an instant.

In a hypnotic trance you will feel even more relaxed than when you are relaxing in a nice warm bath, but a little more in charge than having an afternoon nap for example. You will feel like you are almost ready to drift off to sleep, but still be aware of what is going on around you, and also aware of your own thoughts. The word “Sleep” if often associated with Hypnosis, but if patients were truly fast asleep, we wouldn’t get much done.