Initial consultation

A One hour initial consultation (free of charge) is provided before we agree to undertake any treatment. There is no obligation to attend any further sessions; it is simply a chance for you to gain a better understanding of how Hypnotherapy and Solution Focussed Therapy works and to understand how we can help you get back to the real you, the you, you always knew you were capable of being.

If you want to go ahead with the therapy we will tailor the treatment plan to suit you. But remember, we need to do this together. If you are not really bothered, I guarantee you will get minimal benefit.

After the Initial Consultation each session costs £70 per hour*.

*=During 2016 to celebrate the opening of the Clifton and Melksham therapy centres we have special promotions. We are offering FREE (yes free) treatments for Sleep and Anxiety/Depression starting before 30 June 2016, and “Half Price” (£35/hr) for treatments starting during July and August in 2016.

The Quit Smoking Course remains at £120 as a package for 2016.

You will also receive a free relaxation CD.

CDs for friends and relatives can be purchased for £10.00